Data doesn't have to be difficult

Many organisations struggle to understand and manage the quality of their data and how to exploit it effectively. Improving data quality management will improve the efficiency, profitability and product/ service quality of your organisation. The courses below provide valuable support in affordable, pragmatic courses.

Overview of course content

Our Managing Data Quality bundle is split into four individual courses:

  • The enterprise data asset - explanations of the basics of data quality, characteristics of enterprise data and the ways organisations tend to exploit this data
  • People and data - explanations about the generic behaviours people exhibit towards data using the Data Zoo concept, what drives these behaviours and how to improve data behaviours
  • ISO 8000-61 - A framework for data quality management - An explanation of the ISO 8000-61 process model and the individual processes within the model
  • Implementing data quality management - Steps to follow in order to develop a strategy to improve the approaches to data quality management in your organisation

All four courses are pragmatic and accessible with a clear focus on the people, behavioural and organisational aspects of data quality management.

Why buy this training bundle?

Comprehensive courses with valuable extras

Virtually all organisations use data extensively, yet the quality of this data and the way it is managed often provides significant options to improve profitability, efficiency and product/ service quality. 

These courses are based on the book "Managing Data Quality: A Practical Guide", by Tim King and Julian Schwarzenbach. 

Your instructor is Julian Schwarzenbach who has many years experience in delivering improvements in how organisations exploit their data. Julian is a clear communicator with an approachable and engaging style.

Bundle extras

Delegates purchasing this bundle will receive the following valuable extras:

  • Receive a free copy of the book "Managing Data Quality: A Practical Guide", by Tim King and Julian Schwarzenbach
  • Delegates will also receive one hour of free consultancy support to help on their data journey.

In-house training options

If you have a number of team members who all require training we can tailor this training to your requirements. We can:

  • Create a dedicated private instance of these courses 
  • Enable online discussions to identify, discuss and resolve shared issues
  • Schedule the start of each course to ensure delegates are at similar points in the training
  • Include specific messages and branding specific to your organisation

Contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.