Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • How to use this course

    • Course structure

  • 2

    The enterprise data quality context

    • Context

    • The components of a business activity

    • Business activity elements quiz

  • 3

    The challenge of enterprise data

    • The nature of the data asset

    • Data in organisations

    • Data lifecycles

    • The enterprise data challenge

  • 4

    Data quality fundamentals

    • Introduction

    • What is data quality?

    • Data quality attributes

    • Data quality assessment exercise (1)

    • Assessing data accuracy

    • Data quality assessment exercise (2)

    • Data quality attributes revisited

    • Data quality attribute definitions

    • Enterprise data quality challenges

  • 5

    Data exploitation challenges

    • Introduction

    • Better decision making

    • Devaluing the data asset

    • The data triangle

    • Data as a raw material

    • The 'data machine'

    • Data machine exercise

    • Why data is difficult to manage

    • Why is data quality important?

    • Data exploitation issues worksheet

    • Data exploitation exercise

    • Conclusion

    • Downloads

Managing Data Quality course bundle

Bundle contains this course, three other courses plus valuable extras


Julian Schwarzenbach

Julian is an experienced data expert who has provided consultancy services for 10+ years and has worked in end-user organisations in data related roles for 25+ years. He is passionate about improving the ways that organisations manage and exploit data. Julian is co-author with Tim King of the book 'Managing Data Quality: A Practical Guide'. Julian is Chair of the BCS Data Management Specialist Group and is a Fellow of the BCS. Julian is also involved in development of national and international standards through membership of a number of ISO and BSI standards committees.